The list of acoustic panels we produce for the construction of acoustic screens is supplemented by wooden acoustic panels. This panel is made of a 130/68 mm wooden frame. On the noise side, there are 28 mm thick strips with a spacing and width covering at least 50% of the front panel surface (standard strip width 55 mm, spacing 55 mm). The rear wall of the panel is solid, made of thick boards. 28 mm, tongue-and-groove joints. The panel filling on the absorbing side is made of technical fabric, mineral wool of appropriate density and thickness, and an air gap. We use wood to produce panels: spruce or pine, in accordance with PN-D-94021:2013
  • Strength class – compliant with C24 according to PN EN 338:2003
  • Wood defects – medium class according to PN-D-94021:2013
  • No cracks exceeding the requirements specified for medium class wood according to PN-D-94021:2013
  • Knots in accordance with PN-D-94021:2013
  • Fiber twist – not more than 5%
  • Blue stain: permissible, disappearing when planing, other forms and types of fungal infection not permissible
  • Humidity – approx. 23% according to PN-D-94021:2013 in an air-dry state
(The moisture content of the material in the air-dry state is the equilibrium state that is established over a long period of time under normal operation conditions) The wood is protected with pressure impregnation against:
  • Moisture
  • Biological corrosion
  • Aggressive chemical environment
  • The effects of fire
  • Panel color: (after impregnation, green, turning brown-gray after about 6 months). Any wood color can be obtained by painting with a wood paint set.
The panels have a CE certificate confirmed by a report of the TSUS institute – Building Testing and Research Institute In Bratislava. Acoustic parameters of panels:
Acoustic parameter [dB]   Class  
  Single-number weighted insulation index Rw indicators:   38 dB
  Single-number airborne sound insulation rating index ΔLR:    33 dB     B3
  Single-number sound absorption rating index ΔLa:    10 dB     A3
Technical parameters of panels: Panel thickness: 130 mm intended mainly for installation in HEB/HEA 160 I-shaped poles. When installing in poles larger than HEB/HEA 160, we use spacers. Panel height: up to 2,000 mm Panel length: up to 4,000 mm A big advantage of wooden absorbing panels is their high insulation and the modularity of the system allowing the panels to be combined with other varieties, e.g. aluminum panels, transparent panels or Green Wall panels.

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