The companyFLORA BIS Sp. z o. o. was established in 2009 as a continuation of a sole proprietorship private business established in 1994, dealing with broadly understood metalwork of ready-made products for homes and gardens. In 2010, we started operating in the field of road and highway infrastructure.

Rich and modern product design, supported by professional staff, attractive prices and short delivery times turned out to be our greatest advantage.

Our experience, machinery and production and storage facilities prompted us to start the production of Green Wall acoustic panels, aluminum and wooden panels used to build acoustic screens protecting nearby residents against the threats related to traffic and industrial noise.

Over time, we also introduced anti-glare wooden panels to the market, which constitute a barrier to the direct propagation of light rays from cars and other vehicles that blind people and animals, as well as earth screens, which are a combination of a galvanized steel structure with a natural building material such as is the earth filling the screen space.

To meet the requirements of the modern market, we also produce galvanized or galvanized and painted steel poles used to build acoustic screens.

Export accounts for a significant share in the sales of company products. Our contractors are retail chains from Germany, companies from Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Southern European countries. We can proudly say that over the thirty years of our activity, we have produced over one million square meters of acoustic screens and over forty-five thousand tons of supporting structures. Our products have been used in over three hundred investments. We have acted as both contractor and supplier in over thirty projects. We have appropriate technical approvals for all products issued by the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw, as well as certificates documenting their quality and allowing them to be introduced to the market. We also have CE certificates for our acoustic panels, confirmed by reports of the TSUS institute – Building Testing and Research Institute In Bratislava.

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We carry out projects, deliveries and assembly for general contractors of road, highway and railway contracts such as:

And also directly for the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and PKP PLK.

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