The company Flora Bis sp. z o. o. was formed in July 2009. The beginnings of activity encompass the production of metal accessories and equipment for the home, garden and industry, and their distribution on the Polish and international market. Our largest customers are Polish and European, mainly German, retail chains.

Our key assets are rich and modern designs of the product, supported by a dedicated professional team, along with attractive prices and short delivery Times.

The experience we possess along with our broad and diverse machinery as well as our production and storage backlot have encouraged us to start up the production of green wall as well as aluminium and wooden noise insulation panels in the year 2010; these are used for the construction of noise barriers protecting people and fauna from the ever-increasing traffic and industrial noise.

With time, we have also introduced to the market also wooden anti-glare panels, providing a barrier against direct light transmission from cars and other vehicles blinding people and animals, as well as soil barriers, being a fusion of a galvanised steel structure with the natural construction material – soil – used to fill the space of the barier.

In order to cope with the demands of the barrier market we also manufacture galvanised or galvanised and painted steel pillars used to construct noise barriers.

Our production is rounded off by various kinds of road barriers, fences and minor steel structures.

The key customers for our noise barrier solutions are Polish road and rail infrastructure companies as well as individual customers.

All our products hold relevant technical assessments issued by the Polish Road and Bridge Research Institute of Warsaw, certificates documenting their quality and allowing their introduction to the market. We also hold CE certificates for our noise protection panels as confirmed by reports of the Bratislava Building Testing and Research Institute of Slovakia, allowing us to offer our products on EU markets.