In our business, we specialize in the production of hall structures, with an emphasis on creating elements used in the construction of acoustic screens and anti-glare barriers. Our offer includes steel poles for acoustic screens, available in both hot-dip galvanized and galvanized versions and painted in any color from the RAL palette, which allows you to adapt the product to individual preferences. We have a qualified and experienced staff and the most modern machines and devices that allow us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

  • We make steel poles as straight ones without reinforcements and feet, or with longitudinal reinforcements up to a certain required height, ensuring the stiffness of the entire pole. This solution allows the pole to be assembled by concreting it in the foundation head.
  • The second solution are straight columns (they may also have reinforcement) with a foot that allows for installation by screwing the column foot to anchors previously installed in the foundation head.

The hot-dip galvanizing process, carried out in cooperation with companies experienced in this field, is carried out in accordance with the EN-PN ISO 1461 standard. This is to protect the steel against corrosion and rust, thus extending the life of the product. Thanks to the formation of an alloy layer of zinc and iron, the steel is effectively isolated from the harmful effects of water. Additional painting of the poles not only increases their anti-corrosion resistance, but also allows for an aesthetic visual effect.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with the EXC1, EXC2, EXC3 class standards according to PN-EN90-1+A1:2012 and can be marked with the CE mark, which confirms their high quality and compliance with applicable standards.

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We carry out projects, deliveries and assembly for general contractors of road, highway and railway contracts such as:

And also directly for the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways and PKP PLK.

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