Green Wall

The Green Wall FLORA C absorbing acoustic panel is one of the most popular noise protection solutions on the market.

The panel is made of a steel frame made of horizontal, profiled, cold-bent C-sections, connected together with a tongue-and-groove system. A mesh made of a Ø6 rod with a mesh size of 150 x 150 mm is welded to the frame. All steel elements are subjected to additional abrasive treatment and then protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing to a thickness of approx. 90 µm. This guarantees high durability of the product. Inside there are two layers of acoustic wool of a specific thickness and density, separated by felt. The green, light gray or dark gray color is given by polyethylene mesh and technical fabric, placed between the steel mesh and wool. Due to the acoustic layers of the filling and acoustic parameters, we distinguish three types of panels:

  • Flora C type C3 – the most frequently used panel
  • Flora C type C4 – panel with increased insulation
  • Flora C type C6 – panel with significantly increased insulation

FLORA C panels are adapted in width to standard HE 160 I-beams. They can be installed in larger I-beams.

The standard height of the panels is a maximum of 2,000 mm – it can be increased up to 4,000 mm with a column spacing of up to 2,000 mm. It is worth remembering that the maximum length of the panels is 6,000 mm.

Panels mounted in HE 160-180 poles are blocked with spacers, thanks to which they do not move and do not cause knocking. In I-beams with larger cross-sections, e.g. rivet nuts, screwed angles or welded flat bars should be used as spacers.

Our panels have all the necessary documents confirming their quality KOT issued before IBDIM and CE issued by the TSUS.

Single-digit Rw indicator:

– type C3 – 32 dB

– type C4 – 33 dB

– type C6 – 38 dB

Single-digit ΔLR indicator:

– type C3 – 27 dB

– type C4 – 29 dB class B3

– type C6 – 33 dB

Single-digit ΔLα indicator:

 – type C3 – 15 dB Class A4

 – type C3 (reverse side) – 11 dB Class A3

 – type C4  – 15 dB Class A4

– type C6 – 15 dB Class A4

Fire resistance

Class 2

Class D-s1,d0

PN EN 1794-2

PN-EN 13501-1+A1

Secondary hazards

Class 6 (6,0 kJ)

PN EN 1794-2

Stone impact resistance

Fulfilled/ not damaged

PN EN 1794-2

Acoustic durability

DLα -5/20 years

DLR -4/20 years

PN EN 14389

Non-acoustic durability

At least 30 years


PN EN 14389

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