Soil-based barriers are a load-bearing structure in which the load-bearing elements are steel frames placed on a specially prepared base, screwed together with screws and tie rods. The installed steel frame is lined with mats from the inside and covered with earth and aggregate. The soil to be backfilled may come from the construction site.

They constitute the most effective soundproofing for direct noise propagation.

The galvanized steel structures produced by our company for the construction of earth screens are free-standing, self-supporting steel modules filled with earth and aggregate, constituting an anti-sound shield for the direct transmission of traffic and industrial noise in the air.

Acoustic parameters of panels:

Acoustic parameter[dB]  Class  
 Single-number airborne sound insulation rating index ΔLR:  48 dB     B3
 Single-number sound absorption rating index ΔLa:  10 dB     A3

Technical parameters of panels:

Screen height: up to 6,000 mm (with module every 500 mm)
Panel length: adapted to your needs

Classification in terms of reaction to fire according to PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010 – D-s1, d0 (hard-to-flammable material), standard panels have fire resistance class 2 for brush fires in accordance with standard 1794-2:2011


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