Anti-glare panels

Anti-glare wooden panels are designed to create protective barriers on roads that prevent glare from both people and animals from moving vehicles. After conducting acoustic tests, it turned out that they also have effective sound-absorbing properties, which makes them effective acoustic panels. These panels consist of 25 mm thick boards, connected using the “tongue and groove” technique, and vertical and horizontal scantlings. Each board has a height of at least 100 mm. The vertical edge scantlings are adapted to the support columns in which the panels are mounted. Panel height: up to 4,000 mm, Panel length: up to 5,000 mm The product is made of coniferous wood in accordance with the PN-D-94021:2013 standard. Therefore, it must meet the following requirements:
  • Strength class – compliant with C24 according to PN EN 338:2003
  • Wood defects – medium class according to PN-D-94021:2013
  • No cracks exceeding the requirements specified for medium class wood according to PN-D-94021:2013
  • Knots in accordance with PN-D-94021:2013, knotting and filling of boards allowed
  • Fiber twist – not more than 5%
  • Blue stain: permissible, disappearing when planing, other forms and types of fungal infection not permissible
  • Humidity – approx. 23% according to PN-D-94021:2013 in an air-dry state (Material moisture in an air-dry state is a state of balance that is established over a longer period of time under normal operation conditions)
  • Thickness of boards from 20 to 36 mm, connected to each other using a tongue-and-groove method (does not apply to the thickness of the tongue and groove where there is a narrowing)
  • Height of a single board min. 100 mm
  • Vertical timbers adapted to supporting columns
  • Panel length: column spacing reduced by 40 mm
  • Panel height: adapted to the height of the screens.
Protection with pressure impregnation with Wolmanit CX-10 before:
  • Moisture
  • Biological corrosion
  • Aggressive chemical environment
  • The effects of fire
(Classification in terms of reaction to fire according to PN-EN 13501-1+A1:2010 – C-s3, d0, the standard panels have fire resistance class 2 for brush fire in accordance with standard 1794-2:2011)
  • Panel color: (green after impregnation, turning grayish after about 6 months)
Acoustic parameters of the panels:
Acoustic parameter [dB] Class
 Single-number airborne sound insulation rating index ΔLR: 25 dB B3

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