The list of noise insulation panels used to construct noise barriers is amended by wooden noise insulation panels. Such a panel is made of a 130/ 68 mm wooden frame. The noise side uses 28 mm thick battens at a spacing and width covering at least 50% of the face surface of the panel wall (standard batten width 55 mm, spacing 55 mm). The back wall of the panel is full, made of 28 mm thick battens connected using tongue and groove joints. The panel is filled on the absorption side with technical fabric, mineral wool with the necessary density and thickness, and includes an air slit as well.

The panels are constructed using spruce and pine wood, per PN-D-94021:2013.

  • Strength class – per C24 acc. to standard PN-EN 338:2003.
  • Wood flaws – medium class, per PN-D 94021:2013.
  • No cracks exceeding the requirements of the medium class of wood acc. to PN-D 94021:2013.
  • Wood knots per PN-D 94021:2013.
  • Fibre twist – not exceeding 5%.
  • Blue stain: allowable if diminishing when whittling, any other forms or types of fungal infestation not permitted.
  • Humidity – ca. 23% per PN-D 94021:2013 when air dry (the air-dry humidity of material is a balance that sets in after a longer period of normal operation).


The wood is pressure-impregnated against:

  • humidity
  • biological corrosion
  • aggressive chemicals
  • fire
  • panel colour: (following impregnation – green tone, after ca. six months becoming brown-grey). The coating with a set of wood paints can provide any desirable colour.

The panels are CE-certified as confirmed by the Building Testing and Research Institute of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Panel acoustic parameters:

Acoustic parameter [dB]   Class
  Single-number weighted isolation index, Rw:
   38 dB  
  Single-number airborne sound isolation index ΔLR:
   33 dB     B3
  Single-number sound absorption evaluation index ΔLα:
   10 dB     A3

Technical parameters of panels:

Panel thickness: 130 mm designed mainly for mounting in HEB/HEA 160 poles. When mounting in poles larger than HEB/HEA 160 we use spacers.
Panel height: up to 2 000 mm
Panel length: up to 4 000 mm

A great advantage of green wall noise barriers is their structure, allowing the planting of the barrier with climbing plants and the modularity of the system, allowing one to join panels with other types, e. g. aluminium, green wall or transparent ones.